How Much Does A 13 Foot Scamp Trailer Cost

How Much Does A 13 Foot Scamp Trailer Cost?

Camping out in the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars is one of the best things you can do for your physical, mental, and general well-being. Researchers agree.

For many Americans, no brand represents this lifestyle choice better than Scamp.

About the Scamp Company: Scamp is one of the foremost trailer makers in the country. Founded in 1972, the company has a long history of creating some of the most lightweight and aerodynamic trailers with unmatched durability and easy portability. Scamp trailers all feature a hard shell fiberglass exterior and are entirely made here in the United States.

Scamp’s lightweight, aerodynamic trailers are some of the more ergonomic options on the market; their entry-level 13-foot trailer is arguably the premier pick for folks dipping their toes into the world of luxurious camping.

But how much does the 13-foot scamp trailer cost?

The 13-foot trailer from Scamp will set you back anywhere between $12,000 and $25,000, depending on the model and options you select.

The Standard 13-inch Scamp trailer (which comes without a bathroom) will typically cost between $12,000 and $17,000, while the Deluxe model, which packs more features and includes a bathroom, sits on the higher end of the price spectrum, costing between $18,000 and $25,000.

This significant ranges in possible prices for the 13-foot Scamp models exist because the final cost can vary significantly depending on the layout and the add-ons you select during the purchase process.

Hence, figuring out the exact price of the 13-foot Scamp trailer you want beforehand is nearly impossible as you have to contact Scamp directly to get exact quotes.

The best way to ascertain the precise price of the Scamp model you want is to reach out to Scamp directly by emailing them at [email protected] or calling their toll-free number at 1-800-346-4962.

However, proceeding first to read the rest of this article, where we expand on all the factors that create such huge price swings and affect the final cost of your trailer, can further enhance your ability to make a more informed buying decision.

Base Prices for 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Models

No thanks to a combination of factors, including the Covid ‘19 pandemic, a consequently increased interest in outdoor living and recreational vehicles, and a steady climb in inflation rates, the prices of Scamp trailers have been rising year on year.

Based on our research into customer reviews across the board, we found the following details on the pricing of Base 13-Foot Scamp models over the years:

In 2019, the base price for the then-current 13-foot Deluxe model was $13,995, with the Standard model retailing for $3000 cheaper

In 2020, the base price for that year’s version of both models jumped by around a thousand bucks. With the Deluxe option, then-retailing for $14,995 compared to $11,995 for the standard model.

In 2021 and 2022, so far, prices have held pretty stably. Hence, you can still expect to get the base model of the Deluxe 13-Foot Scamp for around $15,000, while the base Standard Model sells for approximately $12,000.

Editor’s Note: Scamp Camper prices can change significantly abruptly. So while the prices we quoted here may be correct at post time, they may shift slightly before your purchase.

Furthermore, Scamp occasionally offers promotional pricing like limited time 10% off on all options that can further reduce the base price you’ll pay for your unit.

What Factors Affect the Final Price of Your 13-Foot Scamp Trailer?

The primary reason why finding the exact price for a 13-foot Scamp trailer is so complicated is because of how the company makes its units.

Scamp builds every trailer order from scratch (after you place the order) to match the buyer’s selection of models, layout, and available add-on features, and all of these choices influence the unit’s final price.

The first choice you will make is whether to opt for the Deluxe or Standard option, with around a $3000 price difference between them.

Standard vs. Deluxe 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Comparison

The excellent news is you get a similar range of facilities with both the Deluxe and Standard 13-Foot models.

The key differences between these units are that the more premium deluxe option comes with a larger bed and the choice of a more luxurious Oak or Birch interior furnishing compared with the standard, which packs a regular wood panel interior.

Here is a look at everything you get with the base version of both units:

Standard 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Deluxe 13 Foot Scamp Trailer
2-Burner Propane Stove Rear Overhead Cabinets 2-Burner Propane Stove Rear Overhead Cabinets
45 Amp Power Converter Backsplash 45 Amp Power Converter Backsplash
Refrigerator 12 Volt Water Pump Refrigerator 12 Volt Water Pump
Prep for A/C Single LP Tank & Gauge Prep for A/C Single LP Tank & Gauge
Outside GFI Outlet Spare Tire and Tire Cover Outside GFI Outlet Spare Tire and Tire Cover
24 Series Battery Pack 12 Volt USB Station 24 Series Battery Pack 12 Volt USB Station
Kitchen Sink Volt Meter Kitchen Sink Volt Meter
Battery Disconnect Switch Mounted Rear Jacks Battery Disconnect Switch Mounted Rear Jacks
Screen Door Tank Monitors Screen Door Tank Monitors
Sink Cover Silverware Drawer Sink Cover Silverware Drawer
City Water Input 2” TV Receiver City Water Input 2” TV Receiver
Room Darkening Blinds Roof Vent Room Darkening Blinds Roof Vent
Cabinet Over Sink LED Exterior Lights Cabinet Over Sink LED Exterior Lights
Grey Water Tank Rear Overhead Cabinets Grey Water Tank Rear Overhead Cabinets
44” Bed Wood Panel Finishing 54” Bed Choice of Oak or Birch Furnishing

As you can see from the table above, there isn’t much difference between what you get with the Standard and Deluxe models.

However, if a smaller 44-inch bed is a deal breaker for you, or you would rather have the most luxurious-looking interior possible, you will have to shell out the extra $3000 for the Deluxe base model.

Available 13 Foot Scamp Trailer Addons.

The 2nd most crucial choice that can considerably influence the final price of your unit is the selection addon you choose to add to the base models.

Editor’s Note: The base models of this unit are well-equipped enough to handle the needs of most campers. Unsurprisingly, many buyers simply purchase the base models and get them over with.

Furthermore, many of the features, including the 12-volt water pump, the water tank, and backsplash, that were once add-ons now ship as part of the base models.

However, if any of the add-on features are a must-have for you, you can get them. This is America. No one will ever stop you from opting for the most full-option, decked-out version of anything you buy.

With the Standard 13-Foot Scamp Trailer, you can opt for an add-on option that replaces the smaller bed with the same 54” version that ships with the deluxe.

Aside from the bed upgrade, every other addon is available for addition on both models. The selection of extras you can pick from during purchase includes:

Addon Estimated Added Price*
Dry Flush Toilet $950
Sink in Bathroom
Sani Potti $180
Roof Fan $250
Roof Air Conditioner $799
Heatstrip for Air Conditioner
Glass Stove Top (Upgrade) $350
Furnace (16,000 BTU) $420
Group 27 Battery Pack (Upgrade)
Electric Brakes $275
Wireless Brake Control $500
Backup Camera $500
8 ft Awning $1050
TV Antenna $300
TV Cable Hookup
TV Package (TV + DVD player + Antenna) $800
Dual 20lb Propane Tanks $160
Wheel for Jack $50
Storage Cover for Trailer $200
Outdoor Shower $400
Solar Panel Kit $475
Electric Tongue Jack $300
Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
Door Step $250
Entrance Grab Bar $150
Gas Water Heater $480
Extension Tail light $180

* Our estimated prices are quotes from user reviews on their own purchases, and are good as a guide to help you assess how much you’ll be spending and plan accordingly beforehand. Current prices may vary slightly.

Choosing a Layout for your 13-Foot Scamp Trailer

The third and final choice you’ll make during the purchase that will affect the final price is the specific layout you want for your 13-foot trailer.

According to the Scamp website, with the 13-inch Trailer, you can pick from any of five layout options. The Standard model has two optional layouts, while the Deluxe model offers three options.

The key differences between the layout are the presence/absence of an indoor toilet and shower and the consequent presence/absence of more optional storage space.

True to Scamp’s pricing model, whether you choose to opt for an in-trailer restroom or more storage space will reflect significantly on the final purchase price of your order.

Expect at least a $2000 price difference between both options.13 standard scamp trailer layouts

13 deluxe scamp trailer layouts

Where to Buy Your 13-Foot Scamp Trailer

Scamp custom-builds every single trailer order. Hence, there is zero chance of you getting a unit from a reseller. The only way to buy any Scamp trailer brand new is to contact Scamp directly to order.

You can reach out to Scamp customer representatives by emailing them at [email protected] or calling their toll-free number at 1-800-346-4962.

Their reps will:

  • Note your specific requirements,
  • give you a quote for that specific camper build,
  • request a small deposit to begin production,
  • and then give you an estimated completion date.

When Will You Get Your Trailer Delivered? (Wait Times)

If this is your recreation vehicle purchase, you may be shocked to find out how long they take to get to you. No thanks to increased demand for RVs after the 2020 pandemic, most recreational vehicle manufacturers now take as long as two years to fulfill orders.

Scamp is no different.

Scamp trailers are some of the most sought-after in the country. Consequently, while the company has one of the most robust manufacturing lines, all situated here in the U.S., you will likely still have to wait a while before your trailer is ready for pickup or delivery.

Expect a manufacturing time of between 8 months to two years before your 13-Foot Scamp trailer is ready.

Editor’s Note: You will get an estimated completion time while placing your other. And from our review of user reports, the company is relatively effective at matching its promised production timelines.

Furthermore, you should watch out for calls for Scamp offering you early production.

Some potential buyers cancel their orders during the extended wait period. Once an order is canceled, Scamp proceeds to provide that time slot and order to a user further down the waitlist with a comparable order.

However, if this opportunity presents itself, and you get a call or email from Scamp offering you early production, you must act immediately, as this offer will be snatched up in minutes by someone else. Simply missing the call or email when they try to reach out to you will be enough for you to lose this chance at quicker production.

How Much Does a Used 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Cost?

RVs are in extremely high demand, and Scamp trailers are a notch above that still. Finding a used Scamp trailer for sale is like finding a unicorn in the wild. If you see it, buy it IMMEDIATELY. Chances are that it will sell out in seconds.

Used Scamp 13-Foot Scamp Trailers can vary significantly in price depending on their manufacturing year. The most recent models will retail for a few thousand bucks cheaper than regular pricing, while 20+-year-old models may sell for as low as $1000.

The best place to find used Scamp trailers is to keep an eye on new Craigslist listings nationwide.


Is the 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Affordable?

Scamp trailers are renowned nationwide for their extreme durability and reliable performance. They also offer some of the best bangs for your buck, especially considering the quality of their products. While $20,000 for a 13-Foot RV may sound expensive to the uninitiated, every seasoned camper knows it’s a steal.

How Heavy is a 13-Foot Scamp Trailer?

The 13-Foot Scamp trailer models weigh between 1200-1600, making it one of the lighted campers on the market. Fully loaded, you should expect the unit’s total weight to rise to between 2000-2200 pounds. Consequently, you can tow this unit easily with most average-powered vehicles.

What are the Other Scamp Trailer Size Options

Scamp also offers 16-Foot and 19-Foot models

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