Michael rowed the boat ashore, hallelujah!
Michael rowed the boat ashore, hallelujah!

Jordan ‘s river is chilly and cold, hallelujah!
But it warms the human soul, hallelujah!
This old world is a mighty big place, hallelujah
It got Satan all over its face, hallelujah
Old man Noah built an ark, hallelujah
Worked from dawn ’til after dark, hallelujah
When he left for foreign shores, hallelujah
Had a big family but had no oars, hallelujah

They put Daniel in the lion’s den, hallelujah
And he walked right out again, hallelujah
The reason them lions permitted that, hallelujah,
Was that Daniel had no fat, hallelujah

Did you hear what old Jonah said, hallelujah
When the world thought he was dead, hallelujah
I was taking’ me a ride, hallelujah
In that big old whales inside, hallelujah

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