Wanted - USA/Canada RV Dealers, USA/Canada RV Warranty Companies and USA/Canada RV Related Products Companies.

The Happy Camper Club is looking for a few select businesses that are interested in adding additional value to their product line by including alongside it a free Happy Camper Membership.

We offer a deep discount to your business for each membership you purchase and include with your product line.

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October 1 - NEW BONUSES - Now included with all memberships 

E Book 1 - The WalMart Parking Guide - A searchable PDF file which includes all US Walmart locations by state. Shows overnight parking status, fuel and types available.

E Book 2 - Camping and Outdoors Recipes: 105 Tried and tested recipes.

E Book 3 - Barbeque Recipes - Over 30 Recipes for the barbeque.

E Book 4 - Crockpot Recipes #1 - 180 Recipes

E Book 5 - Crockpot Recipes #2 - 478 Recipes

E Book 6 - A Collection of RV Education 101? Tips Compliments of our friends at RV Education 101

E Book 7 - RV Education 101 Visual RV Tire Test - Compliments of our friends at RV Education 101

E Book 8 - Checklists by RV Education 101 - Compliments of our friends at RV Education 101

E Book 9 -  300+ Recipes For Grill Enthusiasts.pdf  -  Complied within this ebook are over 300 recipes for the grill or barbeque. From the exotic to the simplest recipes. You will not lack for new recipes to try out for your self and friends......

October 1- 12 Volt products updated. - Visit The Camp Store Here

March 10 - Added Campfire Stories for your enjoyment - View Them By Clicking Here.

March 12 - More E Books added to membership bonus pages.

November 26- Updated Specials Visit the specials page for more info!

September 21- Canada listings now separated into individual Provinces.

July 29 - New Partnership With OVERLAND INSURANCE - Specializing in RV insurance since 1969, Overland creates custom packages serving Happy Camper customers in all states except Hawaii. To submit an online rate quote request, visit Overland's Happy Camper Club portal at www.rvins.com/hcc

July 12 - Added new 3 Year special to the specials page.

February  - We have been hard at work setting up a new Parks displaying system for you here on the site.

December 21 - I have just finished plotting all the Happy Camper locations into Google maps. After exhaustive hours of input here are the results.

December 18 - Price reduction, membership prices reduced across the board. 1 year reduced from $49.95 to $39.99. View all prices here.

December 13 - For those of you accustomed to receiving what was the "Camping Guide" in print, we have elected to do away with this publication. Realizing that we can better serve you by keeping this sites campground listings up to date on a "real time" basis.  We offer the COMPLETE guide as a PDF file you can download and take along with you, get the guide here, or we have broken each state down into it's own file.

Our thought is this - In the old system we mail you out a publication, you receive it and you don't travel for 6 months. Within that time 9 new parks have joined us and 5 sites have elected to drop out. See where I am going with this? By having the site ALWAYS up to date we can offer you the most accurate information. When your ready to travel, or even while your traveling, just check in here at the site, get your most up to date park information and away you go...

Happy Camping!