Brand New Service for Pet Owners Launched

Brand New Service for Pet Owners Launched. Any Vet Anywhere Can Access your pet’s medical records online 24/7 [image1_right]San Diego California: Never get caught without your pets medical records in an emergency. A new service for pet owners is now available. will with, your completed registration and signed consent, do the rest. We contact your Vet and request copies of all shot and medical records. You will be assigned a unique medical record number. Any vet anywhere, anytime can pull up the records. This reduces duplicate testing, helps with continuity of care and cuts down waiting time as you try to get a hold of your vet to fax the records.

After my dog became sick while we were camping, I felt completely useless when the local vet began asking me questions about when he last had his vaccinations and other questions about his health. I just stared blankly at the vet while I tried to come up with dates, tests he had had, allergies. It was hopeless. It was late Friday afternoon. The local vet called my vet. The clinic was closed until the next Monday. We couldn’t get any information regarding my dog’s medical history for at least 48 hours.

The American Veterinarians Association guidelines for traveling with your pet, advise that you bring the following documents: Current copies of your pet’s medical records, Proof of current vaccinations. I did some research and found that while a few other apps were out there, there was not one website where that did all the work for the pet owner gathering all the information in one place. There certainly is not a service that makes those records available to any vet in the U.S at any time. Additionally, any pet sitting service, groomer, doggie daycare, any service provider can see the shot records and rabies certificate either on line or on your phone. The records are smart phone friendly.

At we take your pet’s health seriously. If your pet sees multiple vets or if you have more than one pet, you can choose a plan to fit your needs. I invite you to visit our website, and meet our CEO. Doc, the golden retriever who will tell you it this was all his idea. You can follow Doc on Facebook and Instagram @doxrules

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