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RV Travel Trailers Article

Article By Michelle O’Connor, RV Trailers

An RV travel trailer, or caravan, is a small trailer in which people can live and travel simultaneously. RV travel trailers as well as other types of camping accommodations have had a long and varied history...

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Why Keep a Camping Journal?

I try to write in my journal everyday, otherwise I forget important things. The best time for me is in the morning. Even then, I sometimes forget things we did yesterday. When we are doing a lot of traveling, I write as soon as we get on the highway. My navigator responsibilities usually get a break for a while.

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Family Camping Etiquette Tips

Camping Etiquette Tips
Being a good neighbor is a big part of staying at campgrounds. You need to be considerate of other campers, and you have the right to consideration from others. Many campgrounds have rules posted around camp. It is best to observe them if they are posted. Here are some tips on being a good neighbor, even when there are no officially posted rules...

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