The Pre-trip Walkaround

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There are many things that must be done when breaking camp with your trailer or motorhome. Often, a checklist is followed to assure that each item has been readied and checked before hitting the road.

Generally, the last item to be completed is a full walk around. This involves the driver walking entirely around the vehicle and checking everything, verifying that all slides and awnings are retracted and locked, jacks are up, all appendages are disconnected from the services and stored, the hitch is secure, tires are fully inflated and not damaged, windows and vents are closed, antennas are all down, and no kids, items, or other obstructions lie under the vehicle. The ground should be checked to make sure no fluids are leaking.

Tips For Shopping At Farmers Markets

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One of our favorite activities while RVing is to check out farmers markets. These agricultural events provide a great opportunity to shop for fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables, sample some great food, talk with the locals and enjoy live music all in one location.

Full-time RVing - What We Do to Keep Busy

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RV Tips In the midst of The Great 2008-2009 Recession, my husband and I left jobs and a comfortable home to full-time RV. Having been recreational vehicle campers for over twenty years, we pursued camp host jobs as a way to transition from working full-time to RVing.

How To Winterize RV Travel Trailer Water System

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RV Tips

Here's a quick video for the RV travel trailer owner who wants to winterize their RV in 16 easy steps. Our model trailer is a Visa Ultra Light but the process is similar to most other models.

How To Maintain your RV Roof

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RV Tips Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, demonstrates some tips on how to care for and extend the life of your RV roof.

Saving RV Dump Stations

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RV Tips Tips on what RVers can do to help protect and save RV dump stations for future generations of RVers to use, by Mark Polk, owner RV Education 101

RV Tire Tips

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RV Tips Tips to extend the life of your RV tires and help prevent premature tire failure. By Mark Polk owner of RV Education 101

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