The Unlucky Man

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Campfire Stories - Morals Once there was a man who lived in a beautiful log cabin. He seemed to have everything but was never happy. The man believed it was because he was unlucky, but in fact it was because he was bored.

Starfish Story

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Campfire Stories - Morals This story begins with a strong summer wind, and a storm that blew in from the west.
"Ooooh" went the breeze, and the feeling in your knees, told you it was a good time for a rest.

Invisible Hands

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Campfire Stories - Morals A couple of Welsh miners came to Nevada to help mine the Comstock Load. They were quite a pair of tricksters, yes sir! It got so bad that no one would believe anything they said, 'cause if'n they did, the Welshman would make them look like a fool. But they were popular. The miners dearly loved a laugh after a hard day working in the mine.

Gold Tooth

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Campfire Stories - Morals One weekend Mr.. Simpson and his thirteen year old son Jimmy were camping in the Jacksonville State Forest area, They had prepared this camp out with very little help from Mom. Well, except for some advice. She saw Dad packing a large can of sauerkraut and asked him what he planned to do with it. He responded that it was for supper on Saturday night.

A Christmas Haunting

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Campfire Stories - Morals A Christmas Haunting
To understand my story, you first have to understand the relationship between my father and his dog.