The Timbuktuian Jelly Bean Bird

Campfire Stories - Legends
This story is best used when you're on a hike/nature walk with the kids.

There is a particular breed of exotic bird that migrates down to this very campsite every year, at about this time. (use as appropriate- kids think this one is fantastic). It's called a Timbuktutuian Jelly Bean Bird.

These birds are about a metre tall, and they have huge big wings. They fly all the way from far away land called Timbuktutu.
They come to this campsite for a very special reason.

This is where they lay their beans. The sit under the trees here and lay about (however many number of kids there are- say 12) 24 beans each year. Look! There's some! Right there!
(have a bag of jelly beans and discreetly drop them under trees as you pass. Let the kids collect the beans and share them).
Anyway, this bird. They're bright pink and purple in colour, and they have huuuuuge orange beaks that bury and the dirt to prepare a spot to drop the beans.

Look, there's another pile over there!

They have big blue eyes that can see in the dark, and they're very shy- they don't like people, so if they see you coming they usually hide. If you're quiet enough though, you might be lucky to see one or two.
There's some more beans! Quick, grab them!

The funniest thing about Timbuktutuian Jelly Bean Birds is that they have bright green antennaes on their heads. The antennaes sense what is the best tree to hide the beans under.

Oh, just be careful- if you guys happen to see one on this camp, then you should bow with your hands on your forehead, otherwise the bird will think you're being rude and fly away.

I reckon that's about the last of the beans there, guys. Be on the lookout for the Timbuktutuian Jelly Bean Birds though, they do love this campsite ...
(for extra effect, try leaving one or two bright pink feathers around the campsite. The campers will love you forever ;))

You can give them any of those "facts" in random order, and disperse the jelly beans as you see fit. try a variation of the story, where the bird likes to sneak into the cabins and drop the beans in peoples shoes, or pillows ...

My granddad used to tell me that story everytime i went to his house. i believed it until i was eight years old... lol

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