Starfish Story

Campfire Stories - Morals
This story begins with a strong summer wind, and a storm that blew in from the west.
"Ooooh" went the breeze, and the feeling in your knees, told you it was a good time for a rest.

But the very next morning, while your darling laid snoring, you went out to walk the shore.
And the days first light, cast a wild sight, there were piles of driftwood and seaweed, and more.

Now thanks to low tide, you slowed your stride, through the watery warm shallow pools.
You stopped to view, the world around you, then pranced a bit like a fool.

You looked around, and then to the ground and bathed in the warm morning glow,
And from there to far, were thousands of fishstars, putting on a beautiful.

Now though they were covered in sand, you put one in your hand, but then noticed a distant man,
And his movements were odd, like a dancing frog, as he moved back from the water to land.

Now you were an instant fan, of this dancing man. He intrigued your curiosity.
So you quickened your stride, on the beach so wide, to see who this man must be.

As you approached, he first spoke, saying "good morning, hello, how are you?!!"
"I am fine young man, it's a beautiful morning, and may ask, how do you do?"

"My feelings are glad, but at the same time sad, for you see what the storm has washed in."
With that he fished for a star, and threw it back far, like a wild bird on the wind.

Startled you asked, with a wondering flash, "but why do you through them back to sea?"
"They're stranded on shore, and with the sun rising more, we'll soon be writing fish eulogies."

"You mean to say, that with the rising day, these creatures will soon wither and die?"
"Ploop," went the splash, just the last, and another sailed through the sky.

Now as you looked on, at this pointless pawn, you said "this task is futile at best."
"There are miles of beach, most out of reach, you can't possibly pick through this mess."

"There's just no way, with only an hour 'til day, that you'll be able to make a difference."
With that he bent down, with a smile then a frown, then a smile and started to make sense.

"You might be right, not to try your own might, but why not give it a try, its fun!"
And as you through, he told you, but you knew, that you'd made a difference to that one!

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