Harvesting Nature's Bounty

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New RVer Info Harvesting Nature's Bounty is a treasure trove of nature wisdom and lore.

It not only covers wild edible and medicinal herbs, and survival skills, it also covers subjects as varied as fish stunners, weather predictors, cricket temperature, pine pitch glue, natural bug repellents, and a wide variety of exciting new culinary sources. This book will show you how to commune with nature and reconnect at a level known only our distant ancestors. This book will empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to begin your re-connection back to the Earthmother. You will learn where the treasures of nature are located and how they can be used. You will learn how to assist Mother Nature in her recovery as you learn. As you begin to see nature at a deeper level, you will recognize all of her inhabitants both large and small and see the significant role each play in the big scheme. When this happens, you will never look at a field, forest, or blade of grass the same ever again.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

This 300 page book includes over 100 photographs and describes over 200 species of edible and medicinal plants along with their uses.

This will give you the ability to quickly know which of more than 20,000 vascular plant species in the continental United States will be most useful, easiest to find, most nutritious, best tasting, or safest for medicinal uses.

  • Do you want to know how to eat a pine tree? Pine trees can be found on every continent except Antarctica and they all have edible and nutritious foods to offer. You are usually only a few yards away from a tea that provides three times more vitamin c than orange juice.
  • Would you like to learn how to find and eat some the most important food staples of the Native Americans, like acorns, groundnuts, cattails, and others?
  • These are some of the best tasting and most nutritious foods in nature and you won't find them in any grocery store.
  • You will find out how the author learned to catch large bullfrogs during the day without any tools?
  • This is an easy way to quickly harvest a gourmet game delicacy without the need for anything but your bare hands.
  • You will learn quickly how to find plentiful edible and medicinal herbs.
  • Do you think you donít have any wild edible or medicinal plants near you? Think again! The author found over thirty in his very unexceptional small suburban lot.
  • You will learn how to build a survival shelter in with no tools that can protect and keep you dry in sub-freezing weather?
  • If you are ever lost in wilderness or just don't want to carry a sleeping bag and tent while camping or hiking, these shelters are the real deal and can keep you warm and dry, and even save your life.
  • This book will show you plants that can be used to avoid the painful breakout of a poison ivy reaction while hiking or camping.
  • If you suspect or know you have been exposed to poison ivy this book will show a plant that will stop the reaction before it starts.
  • You will learn how to find wild edible plants in the dead of winter
  • Most other books show nice pictures of plants in full bloom during the summer, but this book will also tell you which plants and how to use them in the winter as well.
  • This book will tell you about natural treatments that can be found in nature for dozens of the most common complaints
  • According to the latest scientific studies cited in this book, some of these remedies may be more effective and safer than anything man-made.
  • Do you have a headache and want some quick relief from nature.
  • This book will show you which plant and how to use it.
  • Would you like to know how to make epoxy glue from nature?
  • The ingredients for Nature's epoxy are usually not far away.
  • Did you know there is a plant growing in your lawn that is more nutritious than any vegetable you can find in the grocery store and is available from nature year-round?
  • This book will tell you all about it.
  • This book will tell you about stunning fish with natural plant substances that will have them float to the surface for easy collection.
  • If you don't have fishing gear this is the way Native Americans sometimes fished.
  • You will learn about natural bug repellents for camping, hunting, fishing or hiking.
  • This book will tell you about several that smell good as well and a some that can also be eaten.
  • You will learn how to tell the temperature from nature.
  • Want to impress your friends, show them how you can tell the temperature by having the crickets tell you.
  • You will learn which plant will prevent mosquitoes from growing in standing water.
  • This book will tell you about an aquatic plant that prevents the growth of mosquito larvae in its presence?
  • You will learn how to obtain safe drinking water from nature.
  • If you are in a survival situation or just thirsty you will learn several natural methods of how to obtain safe drinking water without having the materials for building a solar still.
  • You learn which plant parts can be used as substitutes for most of the spices on your spice rack.
  • If you are preparing foods in the woods wouldn't it be a lot better if you could have some gourmet spices to enhance your meal?

    Harvesting Nature's Bounty: A guidebook of nature lore, wild edible, medicinal, and utilitarian plants and animals. Over 200 species are discussed along with their various uses. Several articles have been published in various magazines and newsletters based on this research. This book is heavily annotated with references. In addition to the research, most of the accounts are from first hand. This book offers a unique collection of Nature Lore available nowhere else.

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