Levy County Cabin

Campfire Stories - Legends
In Levy county I own a hunting cabin were me and my family frequently go. We went there for a weekend trip, as we have hundreds of other times. Even though strange things had happened there before, Sept. 1999 was the worst night I've ever had. We showed up at about noon that day and opened everything up. I noticed the electric wouldn't come on at first, it only came on after about 10 minutes by itself. I assumed the breaker was bad so I didn't give it much thought. For some reasons that weekend the neighbors seem to be gone. My son came in the cabin after about 45 minutes of playing and said a strange man went into the bathroom. (The toilets is in a separate building about 30 feet from the cabin) I then walked right out, the door had always been open. I proceeded over to the bathroom and knocked on the door, but nobody answered. I opened the door and nobody was in side. I looked around the building and off into the woods and heard or saw nothing. I asked my son(5 years old) was he sure that he saw anything. He said a older man wearing old cloths and no shoes and a big hat went into the bathroom. - No explanation. I thought it was something that he was thinking about and went on with cleaning up.

I needed to cut the grass because it might be a few weeks before we would be able to get back up there. After about 30 minutes of cutting grass I was up by the road at the far end of the property and looked up and I then thought I saw someone go into the bathroom. Looking past the bathroom I saw my wife and son at the cabin. I shut the lawnmower off and went to the bathroom again, and again nobody was there. Now I'm getting a little spooked because I knew what I had saw.

After a long day of working we went up a got some Church's chicken, watched a movie(Star Trek) and went to bed. My wife woke us up hollering that someone was in the cabin with us. The cabin only has two rooms, so it was pretty easy to search. She said there was a person or something standing at the end of the bed looking at us.

After Talking to the neighbors the next day they all said that they'd seen an old man over by the cabin that would walk behind a tree or something a disappear.

We have not been back since... I plan a trip with a couple of friends with all of our cameras.

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