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Advantage Waterless Wash and Wax

RV Cleaning and Products Advantage Waterless Wash and Wax

Will a waterless wash scratch the paint on a car, boat, RV, motorcycle or other vehicles? Advantage, specially formulated for Mary Moppins, is a waterless wash, which contains chemicals that suspend dust and dirt in the liquid and dissolve it. Chemicals are not capable of dissolving sand and grit. As a result the sand or grit can scratch paint and gel coat surfaces.     Advantage contains no petroleum distillates that paint companies warn can damage paint and cause decals and stripes to peel from the sides.

     Advantage contains no carnauba wax that yellows fiberglass bodies used in the manufacture of boats and RVs.

     Advantage contains polymers that leave a surface slick so bugs and dirt wash right off.

     The Advantage difference:

  • Removes prior petroleum distillates and mild oxidation to enrich the color and deepen the shine.
  • For medium to advanced oxidation, scratches or water spots or fog on headlights, use our RenewzIt first then wait 24 hours and apply Advantage.
  • Advantage contains Kaolin Clay to remove fine impurities or small bumps in the paint that leads to rust and oxidation. Run your hand across the paint to feel impurities.
  • Advantage leaves a show stopping shine
  • Advantage protects against UV ray damage
  • polish with our 100% cotton Baby Diaper Polishing Cloths for scratch free finishes
  • Apply Advantage to your rear view mirrors and headlights for quick clean ups.
  •  Headlights foggy or scratched? Then remove both with our RenewzIt

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